Friday, October 3, 2014

Completed: Eliza's Fall Ensemble #1

First up on the list for Eliza's fall wardrobe is a pair of jeggings. She has a polka dotted pair that she's worn threadbare, and a lightweight knit pair that she loves despite their being two sizes too small.

It was time for a replacement pair.

Here's what I started with:

also, my feet are jacked up. but seeing that flaming duct tape that holds my cutting mat together makes me SO HAPPY.
I started with the polka-dotted pair, which I ripped apart and used to draft a new pattern. When I cut the new ones too short, I decided to add an angled detail at the ankle. For the ankle pieces, the pockets, the yoke, and the front pockets (which I didn't photograph), I used the reverse side of this denim-look knit. It's super shiny, but of course shows up as a dull gray in photos. There's a sheen to the knit that doesn't translate into photos either.

But it does translate into pants that my all-things-shiny-loving daughter will wear. Score.

I used navy thread for all the topstitching. Why? Because I didn't have silver.

And now the Bimaa. I've made this shirt several times (four times, actually), but this is the first time with the shawl collar. I used an old dress of my sister's for the collar, sleeve bands, and waist band. When it came time to find coordinating fabric, I had a tough time choosing from my stash. I knew Eliza would only wear it if certain criteria were met (shine!), so I finally landed on this teal fabric with metallic stripes.


Patterns: Bimaa Sweater by LouBee Clothing (shawl option). Self-drafted jeggings.
Fabric: Upcycled knit for sweater bands and shawl. Other fabrics from Jo-Ann. 
Thoughts: I would like this outfit in my size. Really.

I need to bring the neckline up on the Bimaa. I know this and just keep forgetting. Also, I need to shorten the sleeves a tad. Then the 3T will fit her perfectly. There are a few more Bimaas on the list for the Fall, including a hood version and a maxi dress. The Girl loves long dresses.

The jegging pockets are a little big for her tiny tush.

This look was inspired by the "'80s Cartoon" theme for Project Run & Play week one. (I was thinking "Jem" with the zig zags and metallic fabric.) It also fits the upcycled theme (week two) and the denim theme (week three).  Too bad I didn't finish it in time for any of those sew-along linky parties. Ha. And. . . meh.

Up next: a denim skirt with tights and (another) Bimaa. Then my practice version of The Bridesmaid Dress. I'm saving some awesome t-shirts for the boys for Kids Clothes Week (October 20-26).


  1. You can tell the pants are shiny in the pictures. I like the details you added with the ankle cuffs and the pockets. And Miss Eliza definitely looks like a tiny tween in these pictures.

  2. What a cute outfit! I love the angled detail at the bottom of the jeans :)

  3. 3 PR&P challenges in one? 3 gold stars to you!

  4. OH how wonderful! There is all shiny things loving girl in this house too, and she would have squealed f I made her an outfit love this! I absolutely love the jeggings.

    1. Thanks, Jenya! I was surprised she was willing to wear something that wasn't PINK, but the shiny fabric made up for the blue, I guess. :)

  5. I love the pockets and ankle detail. And I would own the navy top stitching! It looks fabulous!

  6. How cute is she?! I love the two-colors-of-denim on your pants, and the sweater looks great too!

  7. Oh this is such a practical but oh so adorable look! Well done!

    1. Thank you, Sally! We're all about practicality around here. :)

  8. so cute!! I love the cut of those jeggings and the two different jean fabrics... so comfy and classic!! Great for signature style! I just linked up my all boy style and I'm loving all the other links! Emily

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks, Olga! It was a happy mistake making the pants too short.


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