Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Completed: Elsa Dress #3

Sometime in July or August the conversation starts.

GRANCY: What do the kids want to be for Halloween?
ME: Today? I don't know. It depends on what movie they watched last week.

Then we brainstorm. We plan.

She executes.

This summer we decided to forego handmade because we knew we'd be busy Wedding Prepping. She sat down with them and looked through a catalog. Lee picked Commander Fox. Daniel picked a black ninja. Boom and done. She ordered them, and they were thrilled.

Eliza wanted to be Elsa.

"No problem," I said, side-eyeing the $130 price tag on the Elsa dress. "I can make one."

Ha. Haha. Hahahaha.

There were 30 pieces in the pattern I used. 30. (10 pieces is probably an average number for patterns.)

This is the third Elsa dress I made. (That's 90 pieces in all. 90.)

The first two were for a friend's girls. She bought enough fabric for all three dresses, and we collaborated on the choice of materials and style. We went with a sparkly tulle for the cape. It's itchy, so I underlined the yoke. (The top layer of sparkly tulle on the yoke isn't showing up in photos. Neither is the glitter on the cape. Trust me, there's glitter.) I made the first two sleeveless, but Eliza's has little puff sleeves with elastic at the cuff.

I serged the edges of the tulle. Knowing that she'll wear this a lot (she hasn't taken it off since it's been finished), I used French seams throughout. The bodice fabric is sheer, so French seams ensure the raw edges aren't visible.

There were a few hitches with this third dress. This time around I got the zipper and button closure right in the back, but accidentally reversed the front and back cape pieces, which explains the wide gap of the cape in the back. (The cape is supposed to butt right up against the zipper.) It took half a dozen attempts to get the bodice attached to the yoke and skirt. The bodice fabric is knit, so there was some distortion by the time it was all said and done.

And by the time I got to the hem, I'd given up. It's wonky.

Ask me if she noticed. 

She liked it. So did my friend's Elsas. I'm thrilled to have made some of my favorite girls happy.

Next year we're begging Grancy to be in charge of ALL Halloween costumes again. 

Let it go, let it go!! (or, as Eliza says: "Wet it go, wet it go!")


Pattern: McCalls 7000
Fabric: polyester and tulle from Jo-Ann
Modifications: chose non-itchy fabric for sleeves, underlined yoke (tulle is on top, though it doesn't show up well in the photos), elasticized sleeves, used French seams throughout


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