Monday, December 8, 2014

Sew Fab Pattern Sale: Extraordinary Girl Top

I've been sewing like gangbusters, so there should be a whole lot to share this month. (Um, could someone please tell me WHERE NOVEMBER WENT?!?!) Before I show you wedding-related goodies, there are a few other projects to share.

It's time for the winter Sew Fab Pattern Sale! A couple of times a year we get a chance to buy a big bundle of patterns at a price much cheaper than they'd be separately. This time the bundle includes 10 brand-new women's patterns!

When Jenny invited me to sew up a couple of things from the set, I landed on the Extraordinary Girl by Filles a` Maman.

The patterns in the bundle aren't available for sale separately, so if you'd like a description of the pattern and sizes and such, there's a nifty link here that breaks them down in detail.

The Extraordinary Girl is a boatneck knit tee with an envelope shoulder, 3/4 length or long sleeves, an optional pocket, and hi-low hem. 

It's been a long time since I've finished a project that I didn't want to take off. This one? I wore it two days in a row. It has just the right amount of ease to be comfortable and has unique details that make it interesting. 

It was my first Filles a` Maman pattern, and I was very impressed with everything about it. The instructions were incredibly thorough and the drafting was excellent. This one was a pleasure to sew up. 

The only adjustments I made were to the shoulder and length. The back neck gaped a bit, which happens to me occasionally. The envelope design made it a pretty easy fix -- I just had to overlap things a bit more to eliminate the excess fabric at the back neck. In the photos I can see a little pulling going on around my shoulders. I may need to add a little to the yoke width at the sleeve cap to accommodate my wider-than-average shoulders. Hmmm. I added an inch to the length of the shirt, per my usual adjustment.

It was so windy and cold.

The fabric for the back and yoke is a sheer patterned white knit given to me by the awesome Frances Suzanne sisters. *grin and wave* With a little camisole underneath, it's perfect for this top.

The teal knit is from JoAnn and is flimsy and thin. Lee says it looks like Neptune.

The Sew Fab Pattern Sale is live until December 15th! The price tag is $29.95 and includes all 10 patterns. There's a big giveaway, too.

Wednesday I'll be sharing another make from the bundle. It's super quirky. You'll either love it or hate it. (We can still be friends if it's the latter. Promise.)

See you Wednesday! 


  1. I wasn't too hyped about that top until I saw your version! So lovely...

    1. Thank you! I looked at several versions before I decided how to arrange things: the color of the neckband, which fabric to use for the sleeves -- those choices can make the garment look totally different. There are lots of options!

  2. Looking good! You're so young & skinny! And I love you hair at that length.

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to grow it out a bit. And all I could think about while Ryan was taking the pictures was, "These shoes are KILLING my bunions!" Definitely felt old, hahaha!

  3. Looks great! I would have chosen that pattern too. Great photos!

    1. Thanks, Justine! It's a nice pattern. Very professional.

  4. This top looks awesome!! So glad you found something to sew with the sheer knit. We still want to do a bimaa and use this fabric as the cowl part of it....but it just hasn't happened yet :)!


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