Saturday, February 7, 2015

KCW: Chemistry Kit T-Shirts

Here are my final two makes for Kids Clothes Week. My goal this week was to embellish the t-shirts I made earlier this winter, and WOOHOO! Check it off the list!

The boys each have two mama-made t-shirts this year. (Daniel has another on the way to replace one I goofed up.) 

These are my favorites! I pinned a Boden appliquéd t-shirt a while back (so far back that it's not online anymore), and it's the one the boys picked for me to make.

They love how they turned out.

(Details on fabric and such are at the bottom of the post.)

Funny story: I was trying to make them laugh and started imitating a toothless moonshiner. I'm a southerner who's lived in East TN, KY, and NC. I can NAIL a toothless moonshiner imitation. They were in stitches.

These kids are so fun, and they're so grateful when I sew something for them. Also, Daniel looks just like my mom in this next photo. 

Pattern: Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae. Size 6 for Daniel; size 8 for Lee. (They're slim fitting, so I size up. Next time I'll add a little width to Lee's. Next time I'll shorten the sleeves, too.)

I forgot to mention last time that I always disregard the pattern's measurements for the neckband and estimate my own length.

Fabric: More Robert Kaufman Laguna knit from Let's Sew in Evansville. It's got a bit of spandex. I cannot say enough good things about this fabric.

The rest of the fabric came from scraps.

Thoughts: These shirts were SUPER labor intensive. The appliqué took time, of course, and so did the hand-stitching. But the most time was spent trying to figure out how to make that atom.

That's it! Happy Kids Clothes Week, y'all! I'm working on an entry for Crafting Con and a post for Frances Suzanne's February Free for All. And somewhere in there I'm finishing our master bedroom. Because I'm ready for some curtains. 

See you next week!

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