Thursday, April 30, 2015

Project Redecorate: Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is finally complete! We started this room last summer, and it was definitely worth the wait and work.

The Paint
It started with paint and caulk: Benjamin Moore White Chocolate for the walls and Valspar Ultra White for the trim and doors. (We buy paint from Home Depot, Lowe's, and our local Ace Hardware, depending on who's having a sale.)

The color is a creamy vanilla for the walls. It went on beautifully over the original taupe and took about a gallon and a half. The trim, on the other hand, took three or four coats - even with a primer. 

I also painted the doors. They turned out more matte than I thought a semi-gloss would, especially after I'd primed them, but painting doors is something I'll need to experiment with more. And considering there are about a dozen or two left to paint, I'll have lots of opportunity to try again.
We left the door hardware as is. It's just not feasible for us to change them all right now.

The Bedding
The headboard was first. Once I'd bought all the fabric (it's Waverly from Joann's), mom and I made a headboard using this tutorial. We decided to turn the fabric sideways to mimic the shape of the headboard and to keep from having to seam the fabric.

I stitched up the red pillow shams from a standard bed sheet, the floral shams from Waverly fabric, the green accent pillow from a placemat, and the bolster pillow from more Waverly. The orange pillow is store-bought (TJ Maxx).

The bedspread, which I LOVE, is a Cynthia Rowley bedspread from Marshall's. The bedskirt is a simple white box skirt from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
All of the the nightstand accessories were things we already had or bought at Kirkland's and Michael's. (Did I mention that we didn't buy any furniture? Just accessories and fabric.)

My in-laws gave us the water color painting of Black Mountain when we moved there in 2010. I bought a ready-made frame and had it custom matted and mounting hardware installed at Hobby Lobby during a big sale. (I highly recommend that route if you can't afford custom framing. All told it cost $60 and looks fabulous.)
See the "Black Mountain" on the train depot sign? Love that place so much. Sigh.
The black wicker chair was on the back porch, and I just sewed up a couple of pillows for it in the Waverly and added one ready-made pillow -- a hand-me-down from Grandma Jean.

My nightstand has the angel painting my in-laws gave me when my grandmother died and Ryan's tin box, together with a Kirkland's lamp and a few accessories.
I'll take this opportunity to say my mother did every single bit of this arranging last weekend when they visited. While I was shopping for all this stuff over the past year, she helped advise and guide me via FaceTime and texting, but I had no idea what to do with the things once I got them home.

The reading nook beside my nightstand has our old glider we've rocked all three babies in. It's become one of my favorite spots in the house arranged like this.

Mom pulled things I'd gathered and things from other rooms to do this. I mean, I could write something, but really there's nothing I can say here.

The woman's a genius. And we're glad to have her. And if she lived closer, life would be even better.

The curtains are lined. They're hung with quilt binding I've sewn to the back. Once I actually made them, they went pretty quickly. This much fabric is cumbersome.

But I love the way they turned out, and they're fully functional, so that's good.

This painting came from Kirkland's, and it's so perfect I bought two -- one for the den, too. I pulled the orange out and painted our lamps.

That made it sound so easy, didn't it? It wasn't. I tried using a sprayer, but that failed. In the end I just used a paintbrush and 549 coats. High gloss.

Sometimes I just sit and look at them because they make me happy.

this is what they looked like before

That's it! We've really enjoyed this space. It makes us happy to wake up in brightness, and it's the most cheerful spot in the house.

Next up is Eliza's room! We're hoping to finish it and the boys' room this summer and fall.

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  1. Beautiful room! I am particularly impressed with your curtains. I can sew all my own clothes, including jeans and lingerie, but those long straight hems on curtains do me in every time!


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