Monday, November 30, 2015

Completed: Holiday Party Ensemble

The holiday party season begins tonight for us! My closet was lacking holiday wear, so when the team at ModKid invited me to sew up a pattern with a holiday twist, I gladly accepted the challenge.

The Nettie bodysuit has been on my to-sew list for a while. I've been wanting to pair it with a gathered skirt, and the ModKid Wrap Skirt was perfect for it!

The Nettie has several different necklines and backlines. I  chose the high front neckline and middle depth for the scoop back. 

The back of the Nettie is my favorite part. I went with the built-in bra because anything else would have been highly visible through the knit.

oooh was it windy! no wardrobe malfunctions occurred!
The Wrap Skirt is a very easy sew. There are no pattern pieces - just dimensions and measurements. Mine was a little more complicated because of the plaid, but it's still straight seams. No fitting required!


Fabric: Kaufman House of Wales Plaid in black purchased at
Size: based on waist measurement
Pros: simple construction; no pattern pieces to print, tape, or trace; works with a variety of fabrics; opportunities to dress it up or down; no fitting required.
Cons: gathers -- gathers are my nemesis.
Thoughts: As long as you read the instructions, this pattern is an easy sew great for beginners and veterans alike. (I didn't read the instructions carefully and initially cut the ties the wrong size.)

Pattern: Nettie Bodysuit by Closet Case Files
Fabric: Kaufman Laguna Jersey purchased at
Size: 4
Pros: bodysuits are awesome; the back is neat; there are several options for sleeve length and front/back neckline
Cons: it would be tough to keep the shoulders up if you made a scoop front and low backline; it's very hard to keep things modest without using a thicker knit
Thoughts: I'll try this again, but with a raglan sleeve. The shoulders and armholes are pulling, and I'm too lazy to figure out if it's because they need to be moved forward or backward or enlarged. Plus raglans are more comfortable for me.

There will be lots of great inspiration for holiday looks on the rest of the tour this week!

Monday, November 30th

Wednesday, December 2nd


  1. This is such a festive look!! I love a fitted top with this skirt too. Great choice!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I like the silhouette and will likely sew up more wrap skirt/body suit combos!

  2. A lovely festive outfit indeed :) The bodysuit seems like such a versatile piece.

    1. Thanks! The Nettie has lots of options, although I'd have to source my knits carefully if I decided to go the dress route with it. :)

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  4. This is so beautiful. I am in love with this holiday party style. Thanks for the photographs. I wore such green dress in the Christmas special office party that held at some outdoor event space NYC. It was perfect for our Christmas theme!


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