Monday, November 2, 2015

Flashback Skinny Remix

Eliza and I picked out three dresses and one pair of pajamas to make for her winter wardrobe. (The boys aren't getting handmade clothes this winter (except Christmas pj pants)! They each got four shirts (and more) last year, so this year it's Eliza's turn.) Once we picked out the designs and I figured out how to re-work patterns to suit them (doesn't it figure that out of the HUNDREDS of children's patterns I own, we can't find ONE that matches exactly what we want?), we went fabric shopping.

Eliza picked out the fabric. For some, I gave her choices of a few that matched, but the fabric for this dress was ALL HER.

In my 38th rendition of the Flashback Skinny Tee, I remixed it into a little a-line dress for Eliza. Rae published a tutorial on how to do this on her site; it's super simple.

I also added width to the sleeves for a little puffed sleeve and added purple piping to the cuff. The original intent was to make this dress long-sleeved, but her bunny needed a matching dress, too, and I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves. Tonight I'm casting on (to knit) a little matching pink cardigan to give her for Christmas.

Now for photos. Lots of them.

I used the free Geranium Dress pattern 0-3 months (also Made by Rae) for Brownie Sparkles's dress.

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  1. She's absolutely adorable and looks so happy with her new dress! I'll have a nephew early next year and I can't wait to see a big happy smile on his face too!


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