Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sewaholic Dunbar, Jalie Tights, and GreenStyle Jillian Tank

I've had a couple of weeks to test out my first handmade athletic ensemble, and I'm still on the fence about it. My ambivalence isn't entirely the fault of the patterns, though, so I'll go ahead and review them.

How's that for a rousing introduction?

I'll start with my favorite piece of the outfit: The Sewaholic Dunbar sports bra. I wholeheartedly love this sports bra. The unique style, the pockets for modesty lining panels, the construction -- it's my favorite sports bra right now, and that's saying a lot for a girl who owns at least 10 sports bras in various styles and fabric.

Fabric: Wickaway Lycra from Rose City Textiles (aka Fabricline)

  • Added length to the body of the bra - which means adding length to each piece.
I added 1.5" to the bottom of each pattern piece to allow for 1" elastic (wider than the 3/4" in the pattern) and because the top was entirely too short. My ladies are tiny and they were threatening to break free.
  • Raised the neckline 1/2". 
I highly recommend doing a quick muslin of the top before cutting out the final fabric. There are several pieces, and it's frustrating if you assemble the whole dang thing and realize the fit is way off. (Ask me how I know.)

awkward running shot. because why not?
Also, take a close look at the envelope photos. You can see it's a low-cut, not-very-long sports bra. If you're like me and wear your sports bras out in the open and desire something substantial but not full length, you'll probably need to make adjustments.

I've got intentions of making the long version, too, for treadmill runs at the gym this winter.

The next piece is Jalie 2563 running tights. I used the same fabric for these and made no modifications to the pattern.

They've got a gusset that doesn't quite make it far enough forward in the crotch seam. Maybe? I don't know. I generally wear track shorts and not tights.

There's also a lining, but it's not sewn down and the placement makes it awkward to go without underwear.

I used an elastic with silicone around the leg cuffs to keep them from riding up, but in hindsight could've used something similar on the waistband to keep it from sliding down.

I'll wear these when I go to cycling class, and maybe I'll be a tights convert, but for now I'm "meh."

The last piece is the GreenStyle Jillian tank. I've been eyeing this tank since its release in a pattern bundle.

I used a recycled lycra for this top (same source), and the only modification was to tack down where the overlapping layers meet so the top doesn't flop open while I'm running.

The pattern was straightfoward and super easy to sew. There aren't many pieces at all, and even for The World's Slowest Sewist (me), it was quick to put together.

I'll make this one again, but with fold-over elastic as the back strap part.

That's it! Just one more thing: the only thing more awkward than standing in the middle of your street and posing in a bathing suit is standing in the middle of your street and posing in running clothes.

we love this cat so much! his name is George.
another awkward running shot. because one isn't enough.


  1. Glad you posted a review of these pieces! The sports bra looks great, and I really like the tank. The shorts look good from my vantage point, but nothing is worse than feeling like everything is slipping down when you run!

    1. Thank you! The last thing I want to be worried about it adjusting things while running! Haha! I've been really pleased with the performance of the Dunbar top.

  2. Thanks for reviewing the Dunbar. Working through my first one and I've made a few tweaks but I'm so pleased yours has come up so good.

  3. You are so fit! I really like your top a lot. It is going to look amazing with my designer leggings. I am so happy I saw this blog. I am going to follow it religiously from now on. I also want to become fit like you and I have already started working out.


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