Thursday, March 23, 2017

Completed: Sontag Shawl

In my fantasies, I’m a former World War II army nurse who’s on vacation with her husband in Scotland when I come across some ancient stones, fall through a worm hole, and end up in 18th century Scotland where I eventually marry and fall in love with (in that order) a devastatingly handsome, chivalrous man and live adventurously ever after.

Just kidding. That’s the plot of one of my favorite novels: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I started reading the series in college thanks to my friend Emilee and have since followed Claire (the heroine) and Jamie (the Scot) through several sequels.

Last year Outlander fans’ long-time dream came true when they made the books into a movie. It’s a STARZ mini-series and it’s OUTSTANDING. The actors are exactly how I’ve imagined the characters, and the writers stayed true to the novel’s plot.

One of the unexpected joys for me was seeing the wardrobes. Claire’s woolen shawls had me drooling on my knitting needles, and I immediately set to work creating my own version.  
(I overexposed all of the photos -- it's impossible to show the texture/color of the yarn otherwise because it's so dark!)

After an exhaustive search of Ravelry, I landed on a Sontag shawl pattern by Kay Meadors. I chose a Pure Wool Worsted (super wash) by Rowan in a beautiful brown.

The result is exactly what I wanted! I messed up the pattern (Leave it to me to mess up something so simple!), but fortunately I was able to finagle it. 

This yarn is delightful! It’s so, so warm. It’s soft, too, but would be itchy directly on my skin. When I pictured wearing it, I imagined it over a button-down shirt with a pair of jeans - just like this!

I can tie it in the back to make it snug, or I can let it go free and just wear it as a shawl. In the winter I usually skip coats and go for shawls, so this will get tons of wear.

This winter was relatively productive for knitting! I finished a few hats, this shawl, and a pair of fingerless gloves for a craft swap. I also started and re-started and re-started and re-started The Peacock Eyes Cardigan but COULD NOT get the lace pattern. I’m going to attempt a lace shawl as a starter and put the sweater on hold until I can master lace.

My Christmas present was knitting related! They’re Lykke interchangeable needles purchased through Fringe Supply Company. It’s so nice to have a complete set of circulars instead of having to dig through bags to find separate ones. I highly recommend these needles, too. They’re smooth as butter.

Thanks for reading!

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