Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Buttons in the Urban Wild - PR&P Week One

Hello, everyone! I'm so excited to share my first submission for Project Run & Play!

Eliza requested blue, black, white, and gray, and the challenge called for buttons -- so I made sure to check off all boxes just in case this is the only week I'm here.

First, the trench. I knew from the beginning I'd be sewing a trench coat in this style at some point in the competition. I sewed one back in 2013 for Flip this Pattern, and Eliza wore the snot out of it. Why reinvent the wheel? Only I didn't keep my pattern pieces from that project, so I had to reinvent the wheel. 

It started with the Sunki Dress pattern by Figgy's. I omitted the zipper in the back and modified the front, rounded the neckline and changed the shoulders, and added a collar. I added facings to the front as well as belt loops and a tie. I kept my two favorite design elements: the side panel/pockets and the pleated sleeves. (Thanks to Cottage Mama for reminding me how to tie a bow.)

After a couple of muslin versions, I was ready for the real deal. The corduroy fabric jumped out at me as something Eliza would LOVE (Robert Kaufman) and the black was leftover from my bridesmaid's dress. All buttons, fabric, and trim came from Let's Sew in Evansville unless otherwise noted.

I do not like button holes, so I sewed the buttons on and put sew-on snaps on the back of the fabric to close it. It reduces the chance for error, and it's easier for Eliza to open and close. The neckline and facings are trimmed with bias tape.

Also, ever since I dropped my camera I can't get it to focus properly. C'est la vie.

The t-shirt is based on a shirt Eliza had a few years ago and adored. It was a 2T dress, and I kid you not - the child wore it until she was 5. My version is a little different than the original, but the angled neckline with buttons and gathered body are the same. I added trim for a pop of color and to tie it together with the coat and skirt. The buttons are so pretty. There's a thread chain loop to close - no button holes woohoo!

Finally, the skirt. I used the Ayashe pattern from Figgy's, which I've sewn before and adore. I lost the instructions for the pattern and had to wing it, but the only real design change I made was to add shorts underneath. But look! Button holes. Those suckers took me a full 1.5 hours.

While we're talking time, this whole ensemble took me 20+ hours to complete. Wanna know how I know? I watched all 10 episodes of The Vietnam War (AHmazing documentary). Each episode is about 2 hours.

The photo location was perfect. It's a pedestrian overpass by a high school near us. I promise I didn't ask people to come and graffiti in raspberry and turquoise spray paint, but it does coordinate nicely.

I knitted the hat while we were on vacation. It's the Barley Hat (a free pattern) by Tin Can Knits and the yarn is some soft chenille stuff from JoAnn. 

That's it! I'll leave you with a photo dump and a plea to please vote over at Project Run & Play!


  1. I'm a sucker for a good coat! I love it. And your pattern collection must be pretty much identical to mine!! I've got some of these in some upcoming looks....

  2. I love the coat! Your daughter has a great taste in colors too - blues and greys are my some of my favorites. I don't like buttonholes either and I love the idea to add sew in snaps!

    1. Thank you! I'd like to try more snaps - the KAM snaps that were so popular a while back. They're easier for the kids to open and close with their little fingers!

  3. That coat is awesome! I've always loved the detailing on the Sunki. I should revisit that pattern. And you're making me miss Flip This Pattern! It was such a fun series.

  4. I love this! For many reasons, but mostly because I can see that it's very "Eliza"!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's definitely "Eliza" all the way!

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