Thursday, December 21, 2017

Completed: Buffalo Plaid Washi

It happened. I finished a garment that suits my style, fits perfectly, and is flawlessly (to me) constructed.

It's a unicorn.

And now there's no need to sew anything else ever.

Just kidding. Now I'll sew a hundred more Washis! I've sewn several Washis (Made by Rae) before, which you can see here, here, and here. The two versions I made for myself just didn't fit. There was a weird gape in the front neckline, the darts didn't hit right, and the top was too small. So I decided to tackle it again this fall.

I adjusted the darts big-time - moved them, made them smaller, and shortened them. Then I eliminated the gap at the neckline, adjusted the curve of the armhole to accommodate my slumped shoulders, and changed the angle of the shoulder seam.

All these small adjustments worked! I also sized up to a Medium - because I am a medium up top - and the final result is a perfect fit!

Matching the plaids was tedious, but I focused on the front matching and the bottom sides -- they did, but it took every bit of my fabric.

The best part is that the black and white will match everything and can be dressed up (with tights and boots) or down (with Keds).  And pockets! Somehow I didn't get a photo, but it has pockets!!

Here are the details!
Pattern: Made by Rae Washi dress
Fabric: Kaufman 1" Carolina Gingham from
Size: Medium
Changes: Alterations detailed above
Verdict: After 10+ years of sewing, I finally have a garment that checks every single box. Woohoo!

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