Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018

First, a disclaimer. Halloween is my least favorite "holiday." I'm afraid of the dark, am easily overstimulated, don't like being around kids hyped up on candy, get anxious when our doorbell rings, have a hard time talking to strangers, am not creative with ideas, and despise sewing Halloween costumes.

Now that's off my chest and I can show you the kids' costumes. They requested to be Fortnite characters, which haven't made it to mainstream costumers manufacturing lines. Eliza requested a parrot, specifically a gray and white parrot, which became a snow owl.

I made Daniel's from scratch without a pattern, made Eliza's using a poncho pattern from Simplicity and cutting/gluing felt, and we collected items for Lee's from a local thrift shop.

They were thrilled. I griped the whole time, swore I'd never do it again, and had flashbacks to the time I sewed three Elsa dresses and said the same thing.

For real this time -- never again. (As I was looking back through the "costumes" tag for this blog I noticed I've said "never again" about costumes more than once. Sigh.)

Hey!! I'm back on the blog!! I've been off Instagram since June (mostly) and want to share projects and see others' projects, so maybe I'll blow the cobwebs off this blog and my Feedly feed?

it's some kind of getaway driver? a skin? from season 5?

it's a scarecrow? skin? from season 6?

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