My name's Michelle. This is a sewing blog. Mainly. Sometimes I get a hankering to write or share pictures.

I've been sewing for a long time. It started in high school with a slip dress that fell apart after its first washing. After the kids were born sewing became much cuter and more frequent.

I'm a former-reporter-turned-marketing-person-turned-English-teacher-turned-librarian-turned-homemaker. 

I'm married to this awesome man. It was love at first sight. For me. He needed a little convincing.  

We make a great team.

Ryan's an extroverted feeling kind of guy, and I'm an introverted thinking kind of girl.

We like to get up early. We like junk food, and after the kids go to bed can often be found chowing down on ice cream (him) and chocolate chip cookies (me). We're both runners, readers, and avid hikers. He lets me cut his hair. He likes to hold hands. I like a personal space bubble. We kiss in front of the kids.

We're quite fond of each other.

We lived in 6+ different cities in our first 10 years of marriage. 

These are our kids. I'm blessed to spend my days with them. 
Lee (b.9/07), Daniel (b.5/09) and Eliza (b.5/11).

Our house is just as loud as you'd imagine. I'm just as smitten as you'd imagine.

We've also got a couple of cats. One is morbidly obese and the other has anxiety issues. We tell ourselves it has nothing to do with us, but. Well.

(This photo was taken before we had children. We think they liked us back then, but they're cats. 
It's hard to tell if they ever liked us.)

Here are some photos that show you a little more of our story.

Welcome to this space. Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll strike up a conversation.
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